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What is the ATI TEAS?

The ATI TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) is designed specifically to assess a students’ preparedness entering the health science fields. Most likely, you’ve been asked to take the TEAS as part of your basic admissions requirements for nursing or allied health school. That’s because studies show a consistent link between a student’s performance on the TEAS and future academic success.

ATI TEAS Format:

The ATI TEAS test is comprised of 170 questions set up in a multiple-choice format with four-option answers. Questions are designed to test the basic academic skills you will need to perform in class in the areas of: Reading, Math, Science, English and Language Usage.





Let’s break things down even further

The table below provides the number of questions and time limits for each section of the TEAS.

Key ideas and details
Craft and structure
Integration of knowledge & ideas
Pre-Test questions
Numbers and algebra
Measurement and data
Pre-Test questions
Human anatomy & physiology
Life and physical sciences
Scientific reasoning
Pre-Test questions
Conventions of standard English
Knowledge of language
Vocabulary acquisition
Pre-Test questions

More questions answered

How many questions are on the TEAS & What is the Format?

The test was developed by ATI Nursing Education for health science schools to evaluate academic preparedness of prospective students.  The objectives assessed are those that health science educators deemed most appropriate and relevant to measure entry-level skills and abilities of health science program applicants.  The objectives cover four academic content areas:

  • Reading
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • English and Language Usage

The TEAS test is composed of 170 questions.  These questions are four-option, multiple-choice questions.  The table below provides the number of questions and time limits for each section of the TEAS.

Content and Sub-Content Areas

Number of Questions

Time Limit


Key ideas and details

Craft and structure

Integration of knowledge and ideas

Pre-Test questions






64 Minutes


Number and algebra

Measurement and data

Pre-Test questions





54 Minutes


Human anatomy and physiology

Life and physical sciences

Scientific reasoning

Pre-Test questions






63 Minutes

English and Language Usage

Conventions of standard English

Knowledge of language

Vocabulary acquisition

Pre-Test Questions






28 Minutes



209 Minutes

How to register for the TEAS

The ATI TEAS is administered in a standardized environment like a testing center or a school and is overseen by a proctor.  A proctor is a person that ensures that all testing protocols are strictly enforced.

  1. Contact the school in which you are applying.  Some schools handle administering the test at the school while others will go through a testing center like PSI.
  2.  Visit and create a user account.
  3. Log-into using your ATI username and password and select the online store.step2
    Then choose either “Register for the TEAS” (through a school) or “Register for the TEAS with PSI” (a testing center). Once you register and pay the testing fees a confirmation email will be sent to you from ATI.


    During registration, you will be asked to choose an institution (school).  A transcript of your ATI TEAS Test results will be sent to the school you select.  You may choose more than one school for an additional fee.

  4.  If you are registering for the TEAS exam through a PSI testing center, you will need the Candidate or Student ID# that is located on your confirmation email from ATI.
    Within 24 hours, you will be sent an email from PSI that will give you a link to schedule your ATI TEAS Exam. You can either register online via the link provided by PSI or call 1-800-733-9267.


  5. When you click the link to schedule your exam through PSI, you will need to create a username and password with PSI.  Then follow the prompts to schedule your ATI TEAS exam.  For a complete list of PSI testing Centers visit:

Where to take the TEAS

For a complete list of PSI testing Centers visit:

A list of schools that administer the ATI TEAS exam will be listed once you begin the registration process on  You will be able to choose locations based on city and state.


What to bring on test day

Photo ID:  To be admitted to your testing session, you will need to present proper photo identification, such as a driver’s license, passport, or green card.  You will not be admitted to the test if your ID does not meet the following requirements:  government-issued, current photograph, examinee signature, and permanent address.  A credit card photo or student ID does not meet these criteria.

Writing Instrument:  Two sharpened No. 2 pencils with attached erasers.  No other writing instruments are allowed.

ATI log-in information:  If you are taking the online TEAS test, you will need to create a student account at prior to test day and have your log-in information with you.

What not to bring

Plan ahead and leave the following items at home or in your car as they are not permitted in the exam room.

Additional Apparel, including but not limited to jackets, coats, hats and sunglasses.  Discretionary allowances are made for religious apparel.  All apparel is subject to inspection by the proctor.

Personal Items of any sort , including but not limited to purses, computer bags, backpacks, and duffel bags.

Electronics of any kind, including but not limited to cell phones, smart phones, beepers/pagers, and digital and smart watches.

Food or Drink, unless it is documented as a medically necessary item.

What to expect

Testing staff will check your photo ID, admit you to your test room, and direct you to a seat.

Physically present proctors in the room are monitoring for odd or disruptive behavior.  Do not engage in misconduct or disruption.  If you do, you will be dismissed and your exam will not be scored.

A four-function calculator will be provided by the testing center.  You will not be allowed to use calculators that have built-in functionalities or other special features.

The proctor will provide you with scratch paper for use during the test.  Scratch paper is not to be used before the exam or during breaks.   All paper, in its entirety must be returned to the proctor at the end of the testing session.

After the Mathematics session, you may take a 10 minute break.  During the break, DO NOT access any personal items.

If you need to leave your seat at any time other than the break, raise your hand.  Time for the exam section will not stop.  Lost time cannot be made up.

If, during the exam, you have a technical issue with your computer, or for any reason need the proctor, raise your hand.

Test challenges or testing room complaints should be reported to the proctor before leaving the room on exam day.

How to prepare for the TEAS Exam

ATI Nursing Education has developed self-guided study materials to help you target your studies for success on the TEAS test.

ATI TEAS SmartPrep Package:
The most comprehensive TEAS preparation package on the market, the SmartPrep study package includes a self-directed tutorial, two online practice exams, and a robust study guide. Learn More

ATI TEAS Basic Package:
The TEAS package includes both versions of the TEAS online practice assessments and the TEAS Study Manual at a discounted price. Learn More

ATI TEAS Study Guide:
The study guide addresses each objective on the exam including Reading, Mathematics, Science and English and Language Usage. Learn More

ATI TEAS Online Practice Tests:
There are two different versions of our practice test. Each assessment has 150 questions and is patterned after the original TEAS exam. Learn More

TEAS Exam Scores

Upon completion of the online version of the TEAS test, your test will be scored immediately, allowing you to view your TEAS score report at that time.  If you took a paper-pencil version of the TEAS Test, ATI Nursing Education will score the test within 48 hours of receiving it from the testing site.  The score report includes your total and content area scores.  In addition, the report identifies specific topic areas you missed along with information on where you can review the content.

You can access your ATI TEAS Score Report at any time through your ATI Account under My Results.  Within that same area, next to your score report, you have the ability to create a Focused Review.  A Focused Review is an online review tool that aligns question topics missed and the relevant study materials for your review.

TEAS Transcript and Submitting your Score Report

Scores are automatically sent to the school you chose when you registered for the TEAS exam.  If you want to send your transcript to a different program, visit to purchase and send an official TEAS transcript to the program of your choice.

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